the lance buckskin experience!

The lance buckskin project stems from the south of Sweden and is completely oblivious about trends in contemporary music. We just do what we like when it comes to music and we don´t give a shit about what people might think. Hopefully there are some people out there who enjoy what we do and how we do it. We love you all for that.

Lance is a derivative of all those bands who really meant something. Bands who played/plays their music as if it is an extension of their own beeings. Not just a way of making that extra buck and satisfy the mainstream mob.

Lance Buckskin is not just a musical experience it’s so much more. It’s a statement and a reaction to everything that’s wrong in this swamp we call today’s musical scene. It even transcends the sphere of music and reacts to the world as a whole. It’s everyone’s responsibility to set things straight and react.

Lance is the solution!

There is no true God but Lance!


Lance Buckskin